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Director: Greydon Clark Run Time: 90 min. Release Year: 1988

Starring: Alex Cord, Eric Larson, George Kennedy, Rob Estes, Toni Hudson

“You can’t go wrong with a horror movie featuring George Kennedy and a radioactive house cat.”
Stacie Ponder, FINAL GIRL

The fact that human beings conceptualized this movie — and convinced other human beings to make it with them — is a miracle. A group of spring break party dawgs get on a yacht with grandpa gangsters who are traveling to the Caymen Islands. But holy shit! There’s a cat on board with a mutant that lives in its stomach! And the cat mutilates people and infects them with rabies until their appendages explode and WHAAAAAATTT?!! With a cast that includes an angry George Kennedy (NAKED GUN), a confused Clu Gulager (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), and a dude from MELROSE PLACE, this is exceptional 1980s trash-horror chaos that is only gifted to our planet once or twice every millennium. So don’t pro-cat-stinate! Book THE UNINVITED and make all nine of your lives happier!

Restoration courtesy of Multicom Entertainment and the American Genre Film Archive.


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