Director: William Lee Run Time: 106 min. Release Year: 1987

Starring: Constance Lester, John H. Howenstine, Mark Ogden, William Lee

“It’s like Homer’s THE ODYSSEY, only with ninjas and a treasure worth $15 million.” — Annie Choi, BLEEDING SKULL!

Meet your new favorite action hero. Throughout the 1980s, Black filmmaker and martial artist William Lee wrote, produced, directed, and starred in dozens of D.I.Y. action epics — all shot on Super 8 in Ohio and New York City. TREASURE OF THE NINJA, Lee’s most ambitious and beloved movie, follows Magneta Faze (Lee) and archaeologist Dr. Stewart (Constance Lester) as they defend Ohio against the evil El Kazi and his ninja army. Featuring strong women characters and a killer synth-based soundtrack, this inclusive and explosive movie is an inspiration to anyone with a dream, pulse, or appreciation for spinning kicks.

Preservation courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive