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Director: Chang Hsin-Yi Run Time: 89 min. Release Year: 1981 Language: Chinese

Starring: Chang Yi, Hsia Ling-Ling, Hsu Pu-Liao, Wong Sai-Tin, Yang Hui-shan

If He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dropped acid with the Shaw Brothers while knocking out a martial arts horror-fantasy movie, that movie would be THRILLING BLOODY SWORD. This head-spinning slice of Taiwanese psychotronic cinema builds a movie out of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, impossible fight scenes, and wild monsters that include a cyclops, a pterodactyl, and Satan himself! A fleshy egg pops out of the pregnant queen, weird demons plague the kingdom, evil sorcerers try to take over, the hero fights with a weird bloody body. The soundtrack consists of the themes to Battlestar Galactica, Starblazers, and some 80s P-funk. Previously only available via VHS bootlegs, Gold Ninja Video is proud to present this hallucinogenic fantasia in a new 2K preservation from the only known 35mm print in existence.

Courtesy of Gold Ninja Video and the American Genre Film Archive.

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