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Poster for THE LOST BOYS presented by HORRORSPIRIA
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Director: Joel Schumacher Run Time: 97 min. Release Year: 1987

Starring: Barnard Hughes, Corey Haim, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Jason Patric

A mother and her two teenage sons move to a seemingly nice and quiet small coastal California town yet soon find out that it’s overrun by bike gangs and vampires. A couple of teenage friends take it upon themselves to hunt down the vampires that they suspect of a few mysterious murders and restore peace and calm to their town.

HORRORSPIRIA is the horror research podcast brainchild of MAY SANTIAGO. In each episode, May explores a niche within horror studies and international horror movements with guest researchers or proxy students. May is a horror scholar who specializes in queer horror and international horror.

The Lost Boys is the quintessential vampire horror of the 1980s. Featuring a soundtrack that elevates the camp of the film to goth-musical heights, Joel Schumacher’s groundbreaking film exhibits a queer sensibility laced within its aesthetics, homoerotic narrative, and challenge of the nuclear family. – May Santiago


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