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Director: Doris Wishman Run Time: 74 min. Release Year: 1975

Starring: Bud Irwin, Cindy Boudreau, Michele Marie, Robert S. Barba, Sandra Kay

“A disco-mash-up of ten soap operas, softcore sex scenes, a slasher, and an action film that forgets the action.”
—Joseph A. Ziemba, BLEEDING SKULL!

No one will ever make movies like Doris Wishman made movies. One of the most prolific women filmmakers in the history of American cinema, writer-director-editor Wishman created DIY collisions between surrealism and exploitation that feel like they materialized from an alternate universe. THE IMMORAL THREE—the direct sequel to DOUBLE AGENT 73 and possibly Wishman’s most synapse-frying film—finds three sisters avenging the murder of their secret agent mother. A non-stop barrage of stream-of-consciousness pulp fiction that resembles an early DIY version of CHARLIE’S ANGELS on peyote, THE IMMORAL THREE has been newly restored in 2K from its original 35mm camera negative.

Required credits line: Courtesy of Jimmy Maslon and the American Genre Film Archive.

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