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Poster for THE BRAIN


Director: Ed Hunt Run Time: 94 min. Release Year: 1988

Starring: Bret Pearson, Cynthia Preston, David Gale, George Buza, Tom Bresnahan

“THE BRAIN is exactly what I want and need in my life: a big, adorable monster brain who receives a lot of screen time and is the best part of the movie.” — Hollie Horror, LETTERBOXD

A giant mutant brain terrorizes Canadians at Christmastime! BUT THAT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!! A group of teens stumble on a mad scientist (David Gale, RE-ANIMATOR) who is attempting to control people’s minds via a public access TV show. And this somehow leads to a goop-filled, multi-tentacled mutant brain that eats a guy, throws a woman out of a window, and forces neighbors to commit chainsaw murders. Combining teen angst from OVER THE EDGE, conspiracy theories that out-strange STRANGER THINGS, and monster effects that feel like outtakes from KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, THE BRAIN is a one-in-a-zillion trash-horror treasure chest. This movie also features one of the greatest lines of dialogue that you’ll hear this year: “You think you’re in America? Well, you’re not — you’re in high school!”

Restoration courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.

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