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Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo Run Time: 97 min. Release Year: 2005 Language: French

Starring: Adèle Ado, Dorylia Calmel, Emile Abossolo M'bo, Essindi Mindja, Josephine Ndagnou

This superbly photographed, stylishly edited, and tastefully scored film is about two young femme fatales who set out to rid a futuristic country of its corrupt and sex-obsessed powerful men.

In this sci-fi-action-horror hybrid, Majolie and Chouchou, navigate a sordid world where sex, money, politics and death perniciously overlap. Young, attractive, fashionable and lethal, they are on a mission to change the destiny of their country.

After an eight-year absence, maverick director Jean-Pierre Bekolo returns with his magnum opus. Reveling in its display of excess, committed to aesthetics of cool, THE BLOODETTES is one of the first science fiction films to come out of Africa.

HORRORSPIRIA is the horror research podcast brainchild of MAY SANTIAGO. In each episode, May explores a niche within horror studies and international horror movements with guest researchers or proxy students. May is a horror scholar who specializes in queer horror and international horror.

Les Saignantes (The Bloodettes) is an Afro-futurist noir directed by Jean-Pierre Bekolo. Two sex workers who live in a dystopic vision of 2025 Cameroon must reckon with the dead body of one of their clients, a corrupt political official. A homoerotic journey that weaves between Godardian intercuts and Beti cultural rites, the film blisters with gothic energy and the feminist camaraderie of its two leads.

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