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Director: Salim Suma Run Time: 94 min. Release Year: 1999

Starring: Alaudeen, Feroz, Joginder Shelly, Poonam Das Gupta, Raza Murad

AGFA Videodreams is a series of tape-sourced preservations for late-nite voyages to other worlds. Only in theaters.

SON OF DRACULA is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A collaboration between director Saleem Suma and prolific actor-filmmaker-musician Joginder, this Indian horror movie features acid-fueled visuals, no-fi pop songs, and a title character who takes the form of a tiny demon wearing a rubber NOSFERATU mask. After experiencing SON OF DRACULA, other recreational drugs will feel obsolete.

Preserved from a VCD-to-VHS transfer with newly-created English subtitles.

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