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  • Sat, Jun 22

Director: David Cronenberg Run Time: 91 min. Release Year: 1977

Starring: Frank Moore, Howard Ryshpan, Joe Silver, Marilyn Chambers, Terri Hanauer

“A delight(fully disgusting) sleazy/cerebral combination that only Cronenberg can deliver.” — Stacie Ponder, FINAL GIRL

Picking up where the taboo-busting SHIVERS left off, RABID is the next-level iteration of Cronenberg’s obsession with sexual body violence in the form of a late nite creature feature. After a motorcycle accident, former adult film star Marilyn Chambers wakes up in a hospital with new skin and a new appetite. As the city of Montréal is transformed into an incubator for gunk-spewing vampires, the ghostly Chambers finds herself at war with her body and the world. This is a young Cronenberg firing on all cylinders. Featuring a focused and intense performance from Chambers, clever statements on vanity and greed, and a grotesque lil’ beastie who looks like a penis with teeth, RABID is a high-water mark in lysergic horror. This includes the show-stopping scene that involves a machine gun and Santa Claus.


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