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Poster for KANAL


Director: Andrzej Wajda Run Time: 96 min. Release Year: 1957 Language: Polish

Starring: Stanisław Mikulski, Tadeusz Gwiazdowski, Tadeusz Janczar, Teresa Iżewska, Wieńczysław Gliński

“Watch them closely, for these are the last hours of their lives,” announces a narrator, foretelling the tragedy that unfolds as a war-ravaged company of Home Army resistance fighters tries to escape the Nazi onslaught through the sewers of Warsaw. Determined to survive, the men and women slog through the hellish labyrinth, piercing the darkness with the strength of their individual spirits. Based on true events, Kanal was the first film ever made about the Warsaw Uprising and brought director Andrzej Wajda to the attention of international audiences, earning the Special Jury Prize in Cannes in 1957.

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