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Watch trailer for HAPKIDO aka LADY KUNG FU Watch trailer


Director: Wong Fung Run Time: 97 min. Release Year: 1972 Language: Chinese

Starring: Angela Mao Ying, Carter Wong, Hwang In-Sik, Ji Han-Jae, Sammo Hung

Three Chinese students set up a school to teach the martial art of Hapkido. The Japanese subject their neighbourhood to a reign of terror, so the students use all their fighting skills to protect themselves and their neighbours. Dubbed.

“Non-stop, relentless Kung Fu.” – Samuel T, MUBI

“It’s interesting to consider that HAPKIDO (AKA. LADY KUNG FU) is forgotten in popular culture, but the film that was shooting on the other side of the lot, Bruce Lee’s WAY OF THE DRAGON, would be considered one of the building blocks of the genre.

Yet, HAPKIDO is the better movie, and arguably, more influential in the history of Hong Kong cinema.” – Justin Decloux, Letterboxd

“Angela Mao is probably most famous for playing Bruce Lee’s sister in Enter the Dragon, but she was also one of Golden Harvest’s early headliners. This is a solid showcase for her combination of poise and power, albeit another battle of cross-cultural rival schools that’s remarkably similar to the studio’s hit Lee vehicle Fist of Fury from earlier the same year.” – Scrambled Face, Letterboxd

“The age old conundrum, “Who’s the boss?”, once again has the answer we knew all along: Angela. A surprising amount of Sammo who almost steals the show.” – Carlo V, Letterboxd


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