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Director: Jean Rollin Run Time: 80 min. Release Year: 1979 Language: French

Starring: Brigitte Lahaie, Fanny Magier, Franca Maï, Jean-Marie Lemaire, Muriel Montossé

FASCINATION is often described as a vampire film yet, like few other horror films, it is actually about blood fetishism. Set in 1905, the story concerns a group of aristocratic women who acquire more epicurean tastes after drinking ox’s blood as a cure for anemia.

Some erotic component was usually imposed on Rollin by meddling producers, forcing him to add ill-fitting sex scenes into his productions, but here – more so than anywhere else in his filmography – the erotic scenes feel truly organic to the story. Due in large part to the sensuality and chemistry of Brigitte Lahaie (a popular Euro porn star in her second legitimate role for Rollin) and Franca Mai (subsequently a singer, producer-director of short films, web mogul and novelist), they are also classically lovely and legitimately erotic.

Playful, elegantly crafted and brimming with some of the most unforgettable images in his filmography, FASCINATION embodies Jean Rollin at his very best – venturing outside his usual comfort zones and extending the definition of his filmic universe in the process.


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