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Director: Tony Ching Siu-Tung Run Time: 86 min. Release Year: 1983

Starring: Damian Lau, Eddy Ko, Flora Cheung, Norman Chui, Paul Chang

One of the last of the Old School Hong Kong martial arts flicks, this one deals with a legendary competition in swordplay and fighting that ends up being fought between two great warriors, a Chinese man and a Japanese man, who, over the course of the film, have become friends.

“1 in a billion” – Perennia Vitae, MUBI

“Ching Siu-Tung’s finest work as both a Director & a Fight Choreographer. A stunning classic.” Junda Mane, MUBI

“A beautiful perfect object. The precision is breathtaking. The soundtrack is banging. There’s a giant ninja that explodes into a bunch of tiny ninjas.” – Justin Decloux, Letterboxd


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