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Director: Richard W. Munchkin Run Time: 90 min. Release Year: 1987

Starring: Georgia Neu, Jack Zavorak, Jim Williams, Rebecca Barrington, Roy Kieffer

“90 magnificent minutes filled with sashays, a motorcycle chase, a psychic named Hasbro, an endless pursuit through a baseball stadium, and something about a turtle tattoo.” – Annie Choi, BLEEDING SKULL!

Jason Chandler wants just two things in life: to stay off drugs and to choreograph a dance show that rivals FLASHDANCE. Not exactly helping with the first wish is Jason’s roommate, who deals cocaine from their apartment. Jason’s plans being to unravel when his roomie is bumped off for cheating his business partners. Now Jason is on the run from the murderous drug dealers who think he’s hiding their missing merchandise. The death and destruction beneath the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas is laid bare as its denizens cut a rug (and each other) in this excessive late-1980s oddity.


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