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Director: Chen Chun-Liang, Chung-Hsing Chao Run Time: 95 min. Release Year: 1987 Language: Chinese

Starring: Chen Chi-Chiang, Chin Tu, Lam Siu-Lau, San Peng, Sze-ping Chen

A kaleidoscopic and cacophonic conflagration of Japanese folklore, The Wizard of Oz, the Superman mythos, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and more pee sight gags per minute of screentime than can be believed, Child of Peach is a wildly bizarre romp loaded with wirework kung-fu, an evil cross-dressing witch, a big-bad antagonist named the freaking “King Devil,” all in the name of kids’ entertainment.

“For an hour and a half, this film completely takes you into its world and allows you to have fun with it. You are given the chance to leave the mundanity of daily life, and adventure into an unknown world with magic, mayhem and p*ssing peaches, and if I were you, I would take that opportunity.” – Name, Not Given, Mubi

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