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Watch trailer for BRUCE’S DEADLY FINGERS Watch trailer


Director: Joseph Kong Hung Run Time: 91 min. Release Year: 1976

Starring: Huang Kin-Lung, Lo Lieh, Michael Chan, Nick Cheung Lik, Nora Miao

“See Bolo Yeung basically bear-hugging people to death with his well-oiled pecs.”
— Michelle, LETTERBOXD

Arisen like an ambulance-chasing phoenix after Bruce Lee’s untimely passing in 1973, the affectionate Brucesploitation genre had many nimble stars: Bruce Lo, Bruce Li, Dragon Lee, Bruce Lai, Bruce Thai, Brute Lee, and even Lee Bruce (!). But BRUCE’S DEADLY FINGERS, one of the earliest Bruceploitation mind-benders, stars the infamous Bruce Le as a young martial artist who attempts to rescue Bruce Lee’s girlfriend (and her mystical “Kung-Fu Finger Book”) from the clutches of malicious gangsters. Really. That’s what happens. With a supporting role from the iconic Bolo Young (ENTER THE DRAGON, BLOODSPORT) and a non-stop barrage of outrageous fights, this is a Bruceploitation power-party that you don’t want to miss.

Courtesy of VCI Entertainment and the American Genre Film Archive.


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