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Poster for BLOOD RAGE
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Director: John Grissmer Run Time: 84 min. Release Year: 1987

Starring: Jayne Bentzen, Julie Gordon, Louise Lasser, Marianne Kanter, Mark Soper

“Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a viewing of BLOOD RAGE.” — Joseph A. Ziemba, BLEEDING SKULL!

Todd and Terry are twin bros with twin problems — namely, one of them is an axe-wielding maniac! After a literal drive-in massacre, Todd is blamed for the carnage and institutionalized, while Terry goes free. Ten years later, Todd escapes from an asylum on Thanksgiving aka it’s time for blood to raaaaage!! Produced by whip-smart filmmaker Maryanne Kantor, directed by John Grissmer (SCALPEL), and shot in Florida, BLOOD RAGE is what happens when you combine Thanksgiving, 1970s TV star Louise Lasser, a killer synth score, and the most unbelievable gore effects in all of slasherdom, courtesy Ed French (TERMINATOR 2). Just remember, “It’s not cranberry sauce!”


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