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Director: William Crain Run Time: 93 min. Release Year: 1972

Starring: Denise Nicholas, Gordon Pinsent, Thalmus Rasulala, Vonetta McGee, William Marshall

BLACULA: During a visit to Transylvania, an African prince gets turned into a vampire by Count Dracula. Sealed in a coffin for several lifetimes, “Blacula” reawakens in 1970s Los Angeles. And leaves a trail of bloodless victims in his wake.

VAMP NOIRE is a 3-part showcase of black horror films focusing on vampire narratives. Part of Suns Cinema’s October/Halloween line-up, VAMP NOIRE will highlight African American contributions to horror cinema. This film will end with a Q&A hosted by DC-based artist and filmmaker Britt Sankofa.

BRITT SANKOFA is a filmmaker, writer, and artist from Washington DC. Her works have been featured in the SAAM ‘Women Filmmakers Festival” (2019), Virginia Film Festival (2018), Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival (2019), and the Afrikana Independent Film Festival (2017, 2019). Britt has a huge passion for black history and cinema and works towards building
relationships between the two.


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