Director: Nobuo Nakagawa Run Time: 69 min. Release Year: 1958 Language: Japanese

Starring: Fujie Satsuki, Hiroaki Kurahashi, Hiroshi Sugi, Toshio Hosokawa, Yuriko Ejima

Acknowledged by Nobuhiku Ôbayashi as a major influence on HAUSU, BLACK CAT MANSION contains an unusual, extended present-day sequence bookending its Edo-period tale. Filmed in blue-tinted monochrome, the modern-day segment involves a doctor who relocates to an old country mansion to care for his sick wife. Once there, the doctor and his wife begin to experience bizarre hallucinations. They consult a monk who relates the tragic history of the mansion: a tale of a jealous lord, a blind monk and his distraught sister and a possessed cat. BLACK CAT MANSION features near-psychedelic set pieces that point the way towards Nakagawa’s most celebrated horror masterpiece JIGOKU, made two years later.