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Poster for ALIMUOM: Presented by KATARUNGUN
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Opens on February 27

Director: Keith Sicat Run Time: 83 min. Release Year: 2018 Language: Tagalog

Starring: Dido De La Paz, Epy Quizon, Ina Feleo, Kiko Matos, Mon Confiado

ABOUT KATARUNGAN: Katarungan is a community-based, solidarity organization made up of Filipino and non-Filipino members who are committed to addressing local social justice concerns and international human rights issues affecting Filipinos both in the Philippines and in the diaspora.

ALIMUOM: In the future, farming is banned on Earth due to the toxic environment and all agriculture is done off-world manned by Outerspace Filipino Workers.  A scientist investigates the appearance of mutated grains and discovers the seeds of rebellion are being sown in the barren wastelands of the Philippines.



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