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Killer of Sheep

Charles Burnett

In KILLER OF SHEEP, the protagonist, employed at the slaughterhouse, is suffering from the emotional side effects of his bloody occupation to such a degree that his entire life unhinges. His refusal to become involved in the similarly destructive, but human-focused occupations of his more affluent friends and acquaintances becomes the odd obstacle to the family’s well being. Burnett once said of the film, “[Stan’s] real problems lie within the family, trying to make that work and be a human being. You don’t necessarily win battles; you survive.” – Milestone Films

“A flat-out treasure, impervious to time” Jay Carr, Boston Globe

“An American masterpiece, independent to the bone… This may be Mr. Burnett’s most radical truth-telling.” Manohla Dargis, New York Times

“A masterpiece. One of the most insightful and authentic dramas about African-American life on film. One of the finest American films, period.” Dave Kehr, International Herald Tribune

“Speaks to the enduring power of poetic cinema, of films with genuine artistic vision that create mood and capture emotion in ways only motion pictures can.” Kenneth Turan, LA Times

“What on the surface looks so simple is in fact a densely layered, morally complex film operating on myriad levels at once. See “Killer of Sheep.” Then see it again, and again. It’s one of those truly rare movies that just get better.” Anne Hornaday, The Washington Post

“Killer of Sheep is a ballad, an anthem, a hymn of consistently beautiful and confounding images. So lovely. So profound.” Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post


  • 2/18 | 7:00PM
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