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Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick

After his wife admits a sexual fantasy of infidelity, a man begins a journey into his own fantasies, leading him into a dark world of secrecy and masked orgies.

“[It’s] only truly unsettling on contemplation: on the surface, it’s one of Kubrick’s funniest (with some of the most eccentric supporting performances in anything he made after THE KILLING) and most luminous, capturing the allure of Manhattan in winter with remarkably simple lighting arrangements.” – Ben Sachs, CineFile

“It’s a movie about spectacle, it’s about performance, it’s about costumes (it is literally about costumes), it’s about the neon blue light of the moon. Two decades earlier, they would’ve given this script to Russ Meyer and he also would have turned it into a complex, contradictory horror smut melodrama, which is what Eyes Wide Shut is. Or at least that’s what it felt like yesterday.” – Zach Clark, Talkhouse

“To watch it is to revel in its uncanny, blue-tinged, intentionally faux New York atmosphere. Combine that with the excellent performances from Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman—whose celebrity statuses only heighten the onscreen stakes as they embody a chilly, patrician couple—and when you step out of the theater, the holiday lights in the streets are sure to look a little more mysterious.” – Abbey Bender, The L Magazine

“More than a decade removed from its initial release we’re finally beginning to understand Kubrick’s final film, which is set in a facsimile of contemporary New York but heeding closely to the psychology and sexual mores of the 1924 novella on which it is based. This discrepancy sparked incurious outrage in 1999—particularly among [NYT] writers, who actually seemed offended by the lack of realism—but it’s come to resonate as one of the deepest mysteries of the director’s monumental career.” – Ben Sachs, CineFile


  • 12/1 | 7:00PM
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