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Duck Soup

Leo McCarey

After the tiny nation of Freedonia becomes bankrupt, Rufus T. Firefly is named president at the insistence of wealthy benefactor Mrs. Teasdale. When neighboring Sylvania is revealed to have designs on Freedonia and Mrs. Teasdale, the countries must go head to head.

“Arguably the funniest movie ever made. The brothers claim that the film’s story—about a leader (Groucho) who arbitrarily takes his country to war—was never intended as satire, but only Dr. Strangelove matches its audacity in sending up the follies of nationalism and conflict.” AV CLUB

“Beginning with a flash of NRA’s eagle that progressively gets more ironic, Duck Soup’s debauched satire of petty warfare and monied politics has a potent resonance equaling its vaudevillian absurdity.” BROOKLYN


  • 4/21 | 7:00PM
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