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Gerald Kargl

“The ultimate unknown thriller masterpiece, one that I have watched more than 40 times.” — Gaspar Noé (ENTER THE VOID, IRREVERSIBLE)

“An undoubtedly important moment in genre history” — Fangoria

Photographed by Oscar-winning Polish animator Zbig Rybczynski and scored by Krautrock synth god Klaus Schulze, this underseen arthouse brainbomb is one hell of a stylized and visceral experience — a forgotten classic on the fringes of the slasher cycle.

Erwin Leder (DAS BOOT, SCHINDLER’S LIST) fully commits to the role of a criminally insane convict who, upon being released, wastes no time acting out his darkest impulses all over the Viennese countryside. As Leder pushes the limits of sanity farther than almost any screen portrayal in history, Schulze’s pulsating music and Zbig’s innovative first-person POVs grab you by the throat, never letting go. A huge influence on Gasper Noé’s first feature I STAND ALONE, ANGST is impossible to forget.

“Shot in an avant-garde combination of high overhead shots and tight close-ups of faces (of the living and the dead), and featuring an electronic score by Klaus Schulze, Angst quickly outpaces its true-life serial-killer origins to become essential arthouse horror, though only for those with the strongest of constitutions.” FILM COMMENT

“Roller coaster that leads into insanity and cutting edge camera work. Radically magnificent! And wait, Angst is the only feature movie ever made by him?!” WIWITAEK, MUBI

“very serious work. this is in no way a horror movie. it is that nanosecond when you loose balance on the ice, made into 94 minutes. fear is excitment and excitement is failure and then round again.” HITGIRL, MUBI


  • 5/16 | 8:00PM
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