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Lucio Fulci

Zombi 2 (Titled Zombie in America) isn’t really a sequel. In a marketing gimmick, it was billed as a semi-sequel to George Romero‘s Dawn of the Dead (titled Zombi in Italy), but beyond spectacular zombie effects, the two actually have very little in common, narratively or tonally. Zombi 2 follows Anne Bowles (Farrow), a young woman who heads off to a remote island to help her ailing father, unaware that the land is under a voodoo curse that brings the dead back to life.

Helmed by Giallo maestro Lucio Fulci, Zombi 2 brings none of the social commentary or nuanced character drama of its marketed predecessor, but what it lacks in pedigree, it makes up for in stylistic panache and first-rate zombie action. Fulci is no stranger to the zombie genre, but Zombi 2 was his most conventional approach to the living dead before he got veered in a paranormal and interdimensional with his unofficial trilogy City of the Living DeadThe Beyond, and The House by The CemeteryZombi 2 gives all its love to set pieces and practical effects and it never aspires to be much more than zombie trash. However, it’s the very best trash — top of the heap — and it boasts some of the most inventive and flawlessly rendered zombie set pieces of all time (zombie vs shark is the best, but it isn’t the only). Zombi 2 isn’t deep, but swims along brilliantly in the shallows.

“A Veritable Orgy Of Cannibalistic Dismemberment!” – Cinefantastique

“ZOMBIE Holds A Special Place In The Hierarchy Of Hardcore Horror!” – DVD Talk

“One of the finest zombie movies ever made.” – Film4

“For the zombie connoisseur, it’s a treasure of invention and all-around solid filmmaking.” – Agony and Ecstasy


  • 10/17 | 7:30PM
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