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Vital Liquido

Zach Zimmerman and Michelle Morandotti

“Vital Liquido” is a 31 minute film about subsistence Mayan farmers in the highlands of Guatemala who are facing climate change. They are struggling to hold on to their lives and futures at the hands of a five year drought which has caused their wells, springs, and pipes to run dry. The far away rivers are polluted and finding potable water is an everyday challenge. “Vital Liquido” gives the audience a rare chance to understand climate change from the point of view of indigenous subsistence farmers who have no water for themselves or their families.

“Vital Liquido” aims to focus not only on water scarcity, but also on the soul of the Quiché Maya and their psychological processing of how hard life has become due to water shortage. “Vital Liquido” enters the animist psyche of the Quiché Maya and leads the audience through atmospheric and emotional landscapes in a manner not often seen in documentaries.

Donations at the door.


  • 12/11 | 8:00PM