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Throw Away Your Books, Rally In The Streets

Shûji Terayama

Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets!” is Terayama’s adaptation of Terayma’s eponymous book and play. This actually is his first full-length film as a director after shooting a few shorts experimental footage, and writing scenarios for other directors as Susumu Hani (Nanami Inferno of First Love, 1968) or Masahiro Shinoda (Buraikan, 1970). Basically the story is about a teen in Japan, who plays soccer and deals with his highly dysfunctional family. His grandma is senile, his sister loves her pet rabbit to the point of sexual obsession, and his father is a freeloader. Out of rage our protagonist runs away and hits the street. But the main story is broken up by random short narratives of various Japanese strangers, punk like sing along and psychedelic surreal imagery.

Tickets at the door.

Part of our continuing Art Theatre Guild series.

The Art Theatre Guild, was an independent film company that radically transformed Japanese cinema by producing and distributing experimental, transgressive, and genre-shattering films from the early 1960s until the mid-1980s. Free from the structures and conventions of the mainstream Japanese studio system, the underground cinema of the Art Theatre Guild was characterized by its provocative depictions of sex, violence, politics, and social upheaval. The ATG also provided a fresh testing ground for collaboration among filmmakers, composers, dancers, novelists, artists, performance artists, and avant-garde theater companies.


  • 6/13 | 8:00PM