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The Thin Man

W.S. Van Dyke

In this film, Edward Ellis plays a mean-spirited inventor. The recently-divorced Ellis discovers that his new girlfriend has stolen $50,000 and is carrying on with other men. Not long afterward, he disappears. Anxious to locate her father, Ellis’ daughter Maureen O’Sullivan goes to private detective Nick Charles for help.

“One of the most popular comedies ever made.” – CHICAGO READER

“An excellent combination of comedy and excitement.” – NEW YORK TIMES

“Tense and slick, this early thriller remains a true masterpiece.” – EMPIRE MAGAZINE

“What enchants, really, is the relationship between Nick and Nora as they live an eternal cocktail hour, bewailing hangovers that only another little drink will cure, in a marvellous blend of marital familiarity and constant courtship.”- TIME OUT


  • 12/2 | 7:00PM
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