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The Red and the White

Miklós Jancsó

In this minimalist anti-war film, a faction of Hungarian soldiers on the side of the Russian Red army, led by a determined commander (Jozsef Madaras), fight against the pro-Czar white army in a remote Russian field near a dense wood along the Volga River. As the tide of battle ebbs and flows, a small group of compassionate nurses, including Olga (Krystyna Mikolajevska), do not differentiate between the sides, transporting all wounded soldiers to the nearby wood and treating their injuries.

“Jancsó organizes the swarming and scattered fighters with a stupendous, almost unnoticed virtuosity, delineating the chaotic action in precise, flowing long takes.” Richard Brody

“If you’ve never encountered Jancso’s work, you shouldn’t miss this.” Jonathan Rosenbaum

“The effect is a precise ambivalence: a celebration of revolutionary heroism, and an icily detached recognition that both sides in a war can be mirror images of each other.” Tony Ryans, TimeOut

“Jancso’s formal stunner, although concerned with a specific time in Hungarian history, is also a universal story about war, the human patterns of power and submission, and the arbitrary laws of the universe.” Marjorie

“One of the few truly anti-war pictures.” Austin Chronicle


  • 7/10 | 8:00PM