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The Orphanage

Juan Antonio Bayona

A woman who was brought up in an orphanage turns it into a home for disabled children. She realises that her son is being tormented by the same imaginary friend who terrorised her as a child.

“A frightening movie that earns its scares the hard way, generating unbearable tension through artful technique instead of computer.” – Rolling Stone

“[A] pungent and scary film.” – The Guardian

“Eerie, atmospheric…an unexpectedly poignant ghost story.” Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times

“Like the best of horror films, it gets under your skin not with gore or cheap jolts but with an unnerving, ever-building tension, and with images that remain with you long afterward, interrupting your own quiet dreams.” – Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times


  • 10/11 | 8:00PM
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