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SOLD OUT – The Exorcist

William Friedkin

A desperate mother becomes torn between science and religion when her 12-year-old daughter begins to exhibit signs of a devilish new persona. She turns to a troubled priest struggling with his own faith, for help.

“Though I’ve always admired horror as a film genre . . . I’ve never found it especially scary. . . . I’m more frightened by the threat of unemployment or climate change — real life, in other words. But William Friedkin’s 1973 masterpiece frightens precisely because it channels cinéma vérité to feast upon everything fetid in our culture then and now: Freud, corrupt leadership, economic inequality, dysfunctional nuclear families, and misogyny, not to mention the Catholic Church.” Lisa Rosman, Signs and Sirens

“As the drama of The Exorcist is more or less a classically fashioned chamber piece, Friedkin infuses the film with his drastically stylized mise-en-scène and coarseness to heighten the atmosphere into a metaphysical state of mind, declaring a bold, yet ruthless, new mainstream artistry.” – Slant


  • 10/31 | 7:30PM
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