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Suur Tõll: A Night of Estonian Animation

Join us for a night dedicated to Estonian Animated Short films.

Free Screening at 8PM. Come and go as you please.

About Suur Tõll:

Suur Tõll (English: Tyll the Giant) is a Soviet era Estonian animated movie created by Tallinnfilm in 1980. The film was directed by Rein Raamat, and the main artist was Jüri Arrak. Clips from the video were used in folk metal band Metsatöll’s music video for their song “Vaid Vaprust,” from the album Äio. When it was first made, the Soviet Union banned this movie because it contained Estonian national elements.

The film tells the story of an Estonian mythical god, Suur Tõll (Toell the Great), who was a giant hero said to have lived on the Baltic island of Saaremaa.


  • 5/29 | 8:00PM