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SOLD OUT – Speed

Jan De Bont

Los Angeles SWAT cop Jack Traven is on the tail of an ex-bomb squad sergeant with a creative flair for bomb placement. First it’s a rigged elevator in a very tall building. Then it’s a rigged bus, if it slows, it will blow.

“Hands down some of the cleanest and most crisp action photography ever shot, Jan de Bont making a seamless transition from DP of genre favorites (“Die Hard,” “Basic Instinct”) to the director’s chair. Onscreen, Keanu Reeves successfully sheds his slacker persona to portray the first true action star for the grunge era, a steely-cool but sincere cop who doggedly throws himself in harm’s way. Endlessly rewatchable.” – HKFanatic, Mubi

“There should be traffic jams at the box office as Fox picks up many busloads of riders for its fast and furiously entertaining thriller Speed.” – Hollywood Reporter

“De Bont has assembled it with masterly precision. And Speed looks terrific. There are breathtaking aerial shots, mind-boggling stunts, and camera positioning that you just don’t expect. It’s a rocketing eyeful.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

“While Speed might be a great teaching aid for high school physics, it can also be used to illustrate concepts of 20th-century Western philosophy.” – Cosmo Bjorkenheim, Screen Slate


  • 11/16 | 7:00PM
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