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Multiflora Productions Presents: Latcho Drom

Tony Gatlif

Latcho Drom (safe journey), is a French documentary film that follows the Romany (also known as Gypsy) people’s journey, beginning from the Thar Desert in Northern India. It gives viewers an insight into the nomadic culture of Romany, solely through music and dance rather than dialogue. All of the Romani portrayed in this film are actual members of the Romani community. As their year-long journey through India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France and Spain is documented, we are given an insight into their lives and the opportunity to learn about their cultural values of family, love, uniqueness and persecution.

This film screening is co-presented with Suns Cinema and as part Multiflora Productions’ annual month-long DIY global music festival “Flash of the Spirit” that happens across multiple venues in Washington DC during the month of October. Its mission is to present emerging and remarkable international musicians from abroad as well as local musicians from our diverse immigrant communities to celebrate their stories, heritage, and cultures through their music.


  • 10/17 | 7:00PM
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