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Mary Jane Regalado Presents: The Girls

Mai Zetterling

Mary Jane Regalado Presents: The Girls

Mary Jane Regalado (Gauche, Downtown Boys) is a musician, visual artist, DJ and occasional radio show host currently residing in Washington, D.C. Her interests include subversive media, Chicanx feminism, underground art and record collecting. Her favorite film is Zootopia.


Three Swedish stage actresses (Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom) give differing interpretations of the classic Aristophanes play “Lysistrata.”

“In 1968, the notion of a film about ancient Greek women, starring three Swedish actresses, made by a neophyte female director who skipped out on her acting contract with a major Hollywood studio would have likely resulted in guffaws from the men in charge of making movies stateside. Now, some 40 years later, that response might still happen: you just don’t see many “female” dominated films doing major business.

Thankfully, director Mai Zetterling (who also enjoyed a successful acting career — you may remember her as the grandmother from Nicolas Roeg’s The Witches) was able to pull off the impossible: The Girls (or “Flickorna”, in Swedish) is a subversive film exploration of women that was made in the infancy of a cinematic movement that finally began to allow women to function onscreen in a realistic way, rather than like the glamorous Hollywood idea of “womanhood” that usually involved grueling hours in a make up chair. Surely at the time no American studio would have offered up a dime for such an offbeat film to be made, so thankfully the more forward thinking film financiers of Sweden stepped in to intervene.” Pop Matters


  • 3/19 | 8:00PM
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