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Long Weekend

Colin Eggleston

In partnership with Umbrella Entertainment, it’s the 40th Anniversary of a stone-cold horror classic.

LONG WEEKEND has notes of POSSESSION’s marital anarchy, with a healthy amount of Hitchcockian flair and the stark hellscapes of THE SEVENTH SEAL transposed onto the unforgiving Outback. Essential viewing.

Attempting to resurrect their failing marriage, Peter and Marcia trample through the deserted countryside, hoping a long weekend will patch up their differences. As they inadvertently destroy everything in their tracks, scattering garbage and shooting anything that moves, their callous disregard becomes apparent to them when the animals seek vengeance!

“Enter Long Weekend at your own risk, and whatever you do don’t feed the animals!” BACKSEAT MAFIA

“Highly effective on more levels, so it works as a chronicle of doomed lovers, moral tale of man’s disrespect towards nature and horrifying nightmare that is woven from fear, guilt, desperation and loss. The latter slowly creeps until it reaches a moments of pure horror that doesn’t rely on any tool that is common for a genre, but rather reflects symbolism and psychological disturbance through devastating consequences.” Bob, MUBI


  • 5/9 | 8:00PM
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