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SOLD OUT – Last Year at Marienbad

Alain Resnais

Not just a defining work of the French New Wave but one of the great, lasting mysteries of modern art, Alain Resnais’ epochal Last Year at Marienbad (L’année dernière à Marienbad) has been puzzling appreciative viewers for decades. Written by radical master of the New Novel Alain Robbe-Grillet, this surreal fever dream, or nightmare, gorgeously fuses the past with the present in telling its ambiguous tale of a man and a woman (Giorgio Albertazzi and Delphine Seyrig) who may or may not have met a year ago, perhaps at the very same cathedral-like, mirror-filled château they now find themselves wandering. Unforgettable in both its confounding details (gilded ceilings, diabolical parlor games, a loaded gun) and haunting scope, Resnais’ investigation into the nature of memory is disturbing, romantic, and maybe even a ghost story.

“One of the strangest artifacts of cinema history…no other film has affected fashion as deeply.” — Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

“Beyond Seyrig’s fashionable sarcophagus of haute couture Chanel and the movie’s self-referential games and rituals, Resnais’s film is a stark, elegant horror film about the dread we spend our whole lives trying to put off contemplating until next year.” – Slant

“A GORGEOUS PUZZLE BOX OF A MOVIE!” — Mark Harris, The New York Times

“The movie is what it is – a sustained mood, an empty allegory, a choreographed moment outside of time, and a shocking intimation of perfection.” — J. Hoberman

“Leaving aside the frightening wealth of talent contributed by the Alains [Resnais and Robbe-Grillet], Sacha Vierny’s photography alone (which even on video tends to elicit gasps of astonishment from the uninitiated) means that every screening of MARIENBAD must be cherished.” – Cine-File


  • 1/17 | 7:30PM
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