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Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

Leslie Harris

Shot in 17 days on a shoestring budget, Leslie Harris’ indie cult classic is an electrifying portrait of brash and brilliant Brooklyn teen Chantel, who remains determined to succeed in life even when a personal crisis threatens to derail her dreams. Described by Harris as “a film Hollywood dared not to do,” Just Another Girl on I.R.T. offers something still all too rare on screen: a dynamic depiction of an outspoken, fearless young black woman drawn with real-world complexity.

“A Cause for celebration! Explosively funny, deeply moving and artfully stylized. Hip-hop poetry on the streets. ‘Just Another Girl’ is not just another movie!” – Rolling Stone

“The film presents an outward view of the inner life of a young black woman-of a person who, by the fact of those three descriptors, is subjected to relations of power and control.” – Richard Brody, New Yorker

“Consider Harris’ wry and honest film, a truly independent work that, like its protagonist, doesn’t wait for permission to be its brilliant self.” – Caroline Golume

“It’s a low-budget winner combining a sharp, protean visual style — one minute music video, the next cinema verite — with impudent humour, raw emotion, a thumping good rap soundtrack and some pertinent lessons in choice and responsibility.” – Empire

“Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. is a film to be enjoyed for its individual moments, Ariyan Johnson’s winning charm as Chantel and the fact that Harris has put the spotlight on the girls who too often are just bystanders in other inner-city movies.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

“What’s exciting about this movie is a lot of loose details: frank girl talk about AIDS and birth control, glancing observations about welfare lines and the advantages of a boy with a car over one with subway tokens.” – Chicago Reader


  • 3/20 | 7:30PM
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