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God’s Country

Louis Malle

In 1979, Louis Malle traveled into the heart of Minnesota to capture the everyday lives of the men and women in a prosperous farming community. Six years later, during Ronald Reagan’s second term, he returned to find drastic economic decline. Free of stereotypes about America’s “heartland,” God’s Country, commissioned for American public television, is a stunning work of emotional and political clarity.

“Malle paints a portrait of the nostalgic “old way” – the muted expectations, the contentment in gentle community and piety, all the humble concession to life’s waves – and laments the way it faded, replaced by our contemporary obsession with greed. This is the sad and quiet beginning of the perversion of the American Dream, reaching into even the sleepiest and friendliest corners of the country. A very beautiful film.” Malkin, MUBI.com


  • 4/17 | 8:00PM
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