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Fruit of Paradise

Vera Chytilová

Chytilová won the experimental film award at Chicago in 1970 for this visually expressive work that harnesses photography and music for an avant garde allegory. Playing as usual with expectations around genre and gender, the director offers an appropriately offbeat fable of attraction. As her protagonist falls for a serial killer, biblical references become explicit and the search for truth is as vigorously present as desire. Very rarely seen in Britain, it is both of its times and outside the clock in its intent. – Time Out

“Much like her previous and most famous, film Daisies (1966), the concept of storytelling in the traditional sense is a loose one. Chytilová was once quoted as saying that cinema is “not about being original at any cost. It’s about finding a stronger way to express your thought.” In this instance, she manages to be both strikingly original and unequivocally forceful…” –
Ben Nicholson, Cinevue

“Proudly and audaciously unconventional, the film’s questioning of social and sexual oppression led to Chytilová being banned from working by the Soviet government for the following seven years.” – M Faust

“Vera Chytilova’s wild, extravagant, and ravishing romp was certainly intoxicating on a sensual level” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader


  • 3/1 | 8:00PM
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