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Don’t Go In The Woods

James Bryan

“An incredibly fun 82 minutes of carnage and black humor. There’s nothing else going on other than body parts and blood being tossed around and shit to laugh at. Come for the bloodshed, stay for the bloodshed.” — Celluloid Terror

Hairy psychopath + group of campers + FRIDAY THE 13TH x Southern discomfort = this shockingly hilarious assault on the human race.

In director James Bryan’s 1981 outlaw classic, a group of campers venture into the wilderness for what they assume will be a fun-filled weekend — you know how that goes! Filled with low-fi gore effects that will make even the most calcified cynic beam with pleasure, DON’T GO IN THE WOODS remains one of the quintessential regional slasher films of the early-80s.


  • 6/28 | 8:00PM
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