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Dead Alive

Peter Jackson

After his Mother gets infected by a bite from a deadly Sumatran Rat Monkey, Lionel has to contend with a plague of the living dead while attempting to woo the love of his life, Paquita.

“The “Citizen Kane” of Oedpial zombie-cannibal-right to death-comedy-love stories…So gleefully over-the-top that it’s decidedly hard not to gag while you’re laughing yourself incontinent… Sick. Perverse. Brilliant.” – Austin Chronicle

“An almost unrelenting barrage of gore, Dead Alive is also a constant assault on the funnybone, a film in which the graphic blood-spilling is taken so far over the top that it becomes hilarious instead of disgusting.” – TV Guide

“You won’t find many horror films as engaging or as meaty as this one.” Eye For Film”

“It may be a horror-comedy splatter movie, but it’s also a crazy bastard of the romantic melodrama genre. On its peripheral, it’s a romance of a man falling in love, and getting out of the overbearing rule of his mother. That’s why it’s better than the Evil Dead films: Jackson imprints his stylish, comicbook horror with something that isn’t necessarily more complex, but isn’t just strictly pure gory laughs.” – Nicholas Gregory, MUBI

“The most disgusting film I’ve EVER seen! It takes a lot to shock me when it comes to cinema. This one earns its place among groundbreaking (and head-breaking) splatstick classics. The entire time I was watching DA I kept thinking “This makes Evil Dead look like a PG family film.” Curtis, MUBI



  • 10/10 | 7:30PM
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