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Castle of Blood

Antonio Margheriti

An Italian ‘60s B&W gothic chiller starring the incomparable Barbara Steele (BLACK SUNDAY, NIGHTMARE CASTLE).

“Made at the peak of the Italian gothic horror boom, CASTLE OF BLOOD is one of the most highly regarded films by the erratic, but often fascinating director Antonio Margheriti (usually credited as “Anthony M. Dawson.”) Passed off as an Edgar Allan Poe adaptation — presumably to cash in on the Roger Corman/Vincent Price hits of the era, Margheriti’s film packs in all of the elements one expects from the period: ghostly apparitions, a dunderheaded hero, a few tasteful dashes of bloodshed and cobweb-laden castle corridors. The result is a classic of the genre that bears admirable comparison to the works of Mario Bava.” (Mondo Digital)


  • 10/30 | 10:00PM
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