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BYT Murder Club: Alice Sweet Alice

Alfred Sole

BYT Murder Club is an effort by brightestyoungthings.com staff that are murder mystery enthusiasts. This is our Lady Killers edition, in recognition of international women’s month.


In 1960s New Jersey, a withdrawn adolescent girl is suspected of her younger sister’s brutal murder during her first communion, as well as a series of stabbings that follow.

“Possibly the closet American relation to an Italian giallo.” SLANT

“Well regarded among horror fans, Alice Sweet Alice has aged surprisingly well and stands up to repeated viewings like many of the best films of the seventies, particularly with its look and style.” STARBURST

“The result is far more than a sterile exercise in suspense: constantly keeps the audience on its toes with a wealth of incidental detail, excellent set pieces and technical versatility.” TIME OUT


  • 3/21 | 8:00PM
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