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Barking Dogs Never Bite

Bong Joon-ho

The debut that marked the arrival of a modern master, Barking Dogs Never Bite is critically acclaimed director Bong Joon-ho’s (The Host, Mother, & Parasite) snappy black comedy about a downtrodden young man who’s being assailed by both man and beast.

“In the way it revels in dry humor, in the hilarious, almost unconscionable ease with which Bong swings between mirth and the macabre, Barking Dogs Never Bite is more of a comedy than any of the director’s later movies. But the most fascinating thing about the film is the forlorn soul that emerges from beneath the comic trappings.” Paste

“A wonderful dark slice of absurdism. File it next to The Tenant, only it’s better—a Kafkaesque fish tank that all its misfits (frustrated at best, destitute at worst) can swim around in. Unlike Bong’s later films, it isn’t so easily associated with a genre, thus allowing his view of institutional dysfunction and demented human foibles to carry the show. A strong start.” Duncan Gray, Mubi

“Beautifully directed, unsentimental and darkly funny.” Time Out

“A satire about the paralysis and isolation of punching up from working class, a manhunt thriller but with dogs, and a stealth superhero film — it’s an energetic and boundlessly clever debut that’s still one of Bong’s best. Scene to scene arcs and visual framing devices are succinct, and the characters consistently surprise you. Doona Bae, our anchor, is brilliant and hilarious, as always.” – Zachary T, Mubi



  • 1/2 | 8:00PM
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