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Auntie Mame

Morton Dacosta

Left in Mame’s care when his millionaire father drops dead, young Patrick (Jan Handzlik) is quickly indoctrinated into his aunt’s philosophy that “Life is a banquet—and some poor suckers are starving to death.”

“When it comes to camp, there are few characters that can hold a bejeweled cigarette holder, let alone a candle, to Mame Dennis Burnside. As embodied by the incomparable Rosalind Russell, sporting the greatest tuck in all of cinema history, Mame is the draggiest queen of them all. Seriously, Miss Dennis is giving you LIFE in an endless parade of outfits, each more fabulous than the last.” – Indiewire

“To this day, I still regard Auntie Mame as one of the highest of achievements of that very American decade.” The Stranger

“Fish Berry Jam served in a crystal Buddha. The oriental sandman puts Vera to bed in her best Chanel. Damn Stinkin’ Halo. Fish Family after Yogurt Time. Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside. Peckerwood Plantation. Side Saddle. Bronze deities from Siam. Top Drawer. Designs by Yul Ullu. Pickled Rattlesnake. A smorgasbord of humor and heart. Rosalind Russell’s performance is sheer perfection” P.P, Mubi


  • 6/16 | 7:00PM
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