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25 Watts


Montevideo, Saturday, 7 in the morning. El Leche, Javi, and Seba have not gone to sleep yet. Tired and bored, they sit in the usual wall fence to have a beer. On a lazy summer Saturday the three boys each with their own worries—studies, work, and, of course, love.

“A very charming and funny derivation of the Jarmusch manner from Uruguay.” Jonathan Rosenbaum

“Painfully funny to the last, 25 Watts is a wonderfully simplistic urban comedy with more than its fair share of original characters and comic scenarios. More than merely this, however, it touches at times on the profound, daring to delve into the less funny aspects of the disappointing dullness of life and growing up. Meaningful as well as hilarious, it demonstrates precisely the kind of directorial talent required to reinvigorate a national cinema.

25 Watts is a delightfully witty film, a wildly bizarre and often baffling work of comic invention that entertains at every turn.” – Ronan Doyle

Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente 2001 | Winner: Best Actor (International Competition)

Havana Film Festival 2001 | Winner: Best First Work


  • 9/10 | 8:00PM
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